Fact Check! Not a Beach Boys Concert! Delusional Donald's Annual Bamboozling of The Beach Boys!

This article was published last month. I was there in '96 and I call BULLSHIT! Read it then see why below.

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I've been aware of Dastardly Donnie's Douchebaggery for decades!
I've been sharing my trivial Trump anecdotes with my friends and family for over 20 years now, and looking back, none are flattering to Dipshit Donald. They all involve his ego, his cheap, half-assed, underhanded ways, or both. Never a flattering story. Gee, I wonder why?

Though the article above (view here on DeathandTaxesMag.com) states that this lovely Daddy Daughter moment was captured at a Beach Boys concert, that's not really true.
In the mid 90s Dishonest Don began his annual tradition of hiring "Mike Love and the California Beach Band" for his Mar-A-Lago concert series, obviously much more affordable than "The Beach Boys".
However, come showtime, the "bragadocious" one takes the stage, along with his over inflated ego, and introduces "The Beach Boys"!
Seems like it might have been an innocent mistake.
Except that he pulled this stunt four times, in '96, '97, '98 and '99.
No big deal you say? Maybe not for you, but the difference between The Beach Band and The Beach Boys at the time, besides the absence of Al and Carl, (Brian was not part of the touring band at this time), was the major difference in price. Which all trickles down, reflecting in Band and Crew's pay. Furthermore, when "The Beach Boys" perform, Brian, Al, and the estates of Carl and Dennis all benefit financially from the licensing of The Beach Boys name.
So, technically speaking, my coworkers and I are all statistics of the self centered a-hole. Several times over!
Some would argue that Mike Love should have approached Dumbass Don on the issue, but it's difficult to blame him. After all, Love wouldn't want to jeopardize his relationship with the douchebag, since at the time, the actual touring Beach Boys were often being hired to perform at his two star Atlantic City casinos.

So, go ahead and buy Mike Love and the CA Beach Band, that's fine. But call it what it is!!!
If you want The Beach Boys, hire The Beach Boys. He knew they were available, since they played at his 50th Birthday party in '96.

Seems most voters have made up their mind at this point, and I don't expect to change anybody's mind.
But every time I hear the bullshit flowing out of this guy's pie hole, I'm reminded of my growing hatred toward this evil, very un-American, unregistered sex offender of a monster.
So this post is more of a therapeutic exercise for myself…
It's not that I can't believe everything he says. I can't believe ANYTHING he says at this point.
To speak on a level the immature, insecure, egomaniac might understand…
His pants are on fire, I hate his guts, and he appears to be in deep, deep trouble!
But most importantly, Donald Trump is an ASSHOLE!

See video of Dastardly Donnie introducing "The Beach Boys"
when he damn well knew he only paid for
"Mike Love and The California Beach Band".
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The views expressed above are solely my own, and are not necessarily shared by anybody else involved or mentioned in this article.

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